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We are a full-service virtual Accounting Department ready to assist your company.

Accounts Payable
  • Receive and Enter Invoices

  • Pay invoices as instructed through appropriate software.

  • We do not sign checks

  • Worker’s Comp Audits

  • GL Audits

Human Resource Assistant
  • Health Insurance Plans

  • Retirement Plans

  • Tracking Raises, Reviews, and other HR-related items

  • On-Boarding New Employees

  • Job Descriptions

  • Department Structure

Controller Assistance
  • Budgets

  • Applications

  • Attend Management Meetings

  • Attend Board & Stock Holder Meetings

  • Annual Reporting like 1099’s and 1096’s

  • Business Review

  • Consulting

Accounts Receivable
  • Invoicing

  • Collection Assistance

  • Bank Deposits

  • Monthly checking

  • Monthly credit cards

  • Misc. accounts as needed

  • Full-Service including direct deposit

  • Partial Services, as needed

  • Payroll Tax Payments

  • Quarterly Reporting like 941’s

  • Annual Reporting like 1099’s and 1096’s

  • Telephone Support

  • QuickBooks Support

  • NC Notary in North Hills Office

  • Virtual Full-Service Accounting Department with in-house staff that you can meet with.

  • Privately Owned & Operated

  • Over 30 years Experience

Services: Service
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