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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bookkeeper

The job of a bookkeeper is a very tedious one. Any small discrepancy and things can spiral downhill quickly. When hiring a bookkeeper, it’s vital that a business owner pick the person who is the best-fit for their industry and company. It’s important to do the research and ask the right questions to find the optimal candidate.

Here are four question to ask before hiring a bookkeeper:

  1. What made you decide to become a bookkeeper: This question will help gauge whether or not the candidate has a true passion for their services. They should inspire a business owner to hire them. If they’re enthusiastic about details and organization, that’s a good sign they’ll bring that dedication to the service they are providing.

  2. What do you like about my industry: The tasks of a bookkeeper varies from industry to industry. Hiring someone who has experience in the industry can help flatten the learning curve however, this should not completely deter a business from hiring someone with less experience if they seem passionate enough to learning about the industry.

  3. What are some of your personal interests: This one sounds more unconventional, but can provide vital insight into the type of person they are. It can help to gauge if they will fit in with a company's culture. It can also help to gauge if they’re a workaholic and might experience burnout.

  4. What would you do if the bank reconciliation is off by a small amount: Even the smallest amount being off can result in a landslide of a catastrophe. Most bookkeepers put the difference into a miscellaneous expenses account. If the candidate says that they will always locate the cause of the difference no matter how small, they’re probably the right candidate.

Bookkeeping shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s vital to find the person that’s going to provide dedication and attention to detail. Here at Raleigh Bookkeeping, we adore our small businesses and love to see them succeed. If you’re looking for a bookkeeper to help take some weight off your shoulders, make sure to contact Raleigh Bookkeeping.

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