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Four Steps to Performing Regular Financial Check-ups For a Small Business

Many small businesses find financial check-ups to be stressful and tedious. However, they play an important role in measuring financial progress and keeping a business on track for the rest of the year. At Raleigh Bookkeeping, we understand the importance of regular financial check-ups and have provided a list that any business can incorporate into their financial check-up.

Here are four steps to implement into any financial check-up:

  1. Check progress with previous financial goals and identify any new goals: Frequently evaluating progress for financial goals is crucial. This allows for reinforcement of prior goals made and allows for a business to adjust and meet their current goals more effectively. It encourages the revision of goals and the ability to set new ones so that the business can be successful throughout the year.

  2. Cash flow analysis: Having a firm understating of how cash is moving in and out of the business over a period is very crucial. This allows the business to be ready if any low cash flow periods occur.

  3. Adjust or make a budget: Budgets can change, and they should. It is important to adjust a budget to reflect any major changes to the business. These new adjustments in the budget help a business owner to plan accordingly.

  4. Evaluate any debts: It is helpful to track how debt is being manages as it affects the financial security of the business. This includes checking any credit card balances and other loans. If there is a steady increase in debt, it may be a sign to cut some spending.

Adding these four steps into a financial check-up will allow for more financial stability throughout the year. For small businesses, things change quickly, so checking finances acts as a preventative measure to best prepare a business for anything that comes their way. At Raleigh Bookkeeping, we care about your financial success. Contact us today to help you navigate your financial check-ups.

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